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Recently, I started using Purposeful DNA services for my brother. In that time, he's been happier, motivated and able to communicate his needs. The Direct Support Caregiver is friendly, nurturing and personable. Whenever I contact Purposeful DNA they are available, efficient and innovative. l highly recommend their services to everyone.

Customer Stan Smit

Stan Smit

What We Do


Who We Are
We established in 2019 by a disabled veteran and educator who worked with adults and students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The founders joined together to build a better and more accepting world for transitioning adults. Purposeful DNA wants to empower people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to be self-sufficient and independent to the greatest extent possible.
What We Do
We aim to nurture adults with disabilities. We believe that our clients are enriched when everyone participates to the fullest extent possible. The attainment of specific skills should not be limited due to physical, mental, and emotional deficiencies, but as a right that belongs to all individuals regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.
We encourage everyone we support to live a life of choice rather than circumstance.
Why We Do It
We work to create opportunities for people with disabilities, which enhances the quality of life. The agency’s vision is to ensure that everyone has the right to have as much autonomy over their day-to-day living. We believe that everyone can fulfill their purpose with the right support, nurturing environment, and dedication. Purposeful DNA is dedicated to each individual’s needs and desires, enabling everyone we support to live a life of choice, rather than circumstance.
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